Race Driver

Race Driver 5.0

Creates a database containing all the user's information related to kart racing
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Keep track of all your kart races, qualifying sessions and practices, recording all the pertinent data such as times, tire pressure, water, oil, spring settings, tire temperature, etc. Useful for teams with multiple cars trying to get one ready for a specific driver.

Race driver and race car management for auto racing, karting and 4WD. Track all your sessions - practice, qualifying, or a race - and save data on tire temps, tire pressures, oil, water, gearing and shock and spring settings. Ideal for multi-car teams. For each session, it tracks your competitors and what they are turning in lap times and also shows how you practiced, qualified and raced at each venue. Perform queries and searches, for instance finding everybody who had a lap faster than 1.39.00 at Willow Springs or finding the fastest lap any of your competitors at Watkins Glen. Additionally there's a Track database and a Hotel database to store basic info like track phone numbers, their web sites, names & telephones of hotels where you've stayed, what you paid last time, etc. Race Driver ships with a Report Wizard so you can create your own reports in addition to the reports shipped.

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